Insert Code Pro

Note: Please install Insert Code before installing the Insert Code Pro. Once Insert Code Pro is activated, deactivate the Insert Code Plugin

Insert Code Pro allows you to insert code before or after the contents of your post or page. It also allows you to insert code after Nth paragraph (<p>) of your post or page contents. This saves you the hard work of manually entering code in your post files, and is very useful for showing ads or other content in pages or posts, including AdSense or other ad code.

In the Pro version, you can set different code for Desktop and Mobile. This is useful if you have mobile ad code that you want to use on your site, or for any other code that you want to show to mobile users only.

Insert Code Pro provides an option to show custom code on all pages and posts, or on selected categories only.

Insert Code Pro automatically adds a “Categories” section to Pages of your WordPress dashboard, to allow you to select the category(ies) on which you want to insert the code that you have saved in the Insert Code plugin.

If you want to hide the code from all posts or pages then you can easily uncheck the post type in the Insert Code setting pages.