We have been developing primarily in Joomla and WordPress for over 15 years, and often take on complex work. Over the years we have found it necessary to create custom solutions to meet development requirements for our clients.

Many times the solutions that we develop solve a problem that is common to many users. One example is our recent WordPress plugin, Login with Username or Email. As it becomes more common for user login to be managed via email, we saw that a flexible solution would benefit the entire user community.

When possible, we release our solutions at no cost. However more complex solutions require more development time, and also more support resources. Our pledge to you for all free or paid website add-ons is:

  • We will release only quality extensions that have been thoroughly tested
  • We will develop with best practices to avoid conflicts in your CMS or HTML website.
  • We will price our software reasonably.
  • We will provide support quickly and with a real willingness to help.
  • We will refund your purchase within 30 days if not fully satisfied.